May 2016: revised version of the Wivenhoe NP

Here is the final working draft of the Neighbourhood plan.

Please note one amendment has not yet been made to the on line Plan.
Following a recent successful planning appeal by Taylor Wimpey, both Trinity Close and Denham Close will need to be removed from Table 2 on page 41.

This is now the pre-submission consultation version because it includes all of the revisions made by the Plan Review Group following consideration of all observations received after the informal February 2016 consultation.
The pre-submission consultation will run until 5 pm on 6 September. Comments can be sent by post to the Town Clerk, FAO Neighbourhoodplan steering group, 77 High Street, Wivenhoe CO7 9AB.

Comments by email to

One comment on “May 2016: revised version of the Wivenhoe NP

  1. Section 14 Getting around Wivenhoe
    The footpath from Jack Hatch Way to Boundary road is a direct walking route. If the footpath is diverted around the field many people will still walk the direct route as this will be shorter.
    If this is a public right of way is the farmer allowed to plough through it? He uses both sides of the path for different crops, so surely he could plough as separate fields. Diversion of the footpath would not be needed.
    The footpath as it is now has a nice open feel to it as it is on high ground, this will be lost if the path follows the hedgerow.

    Would it be possible to remove the style at this railway crossing on Lower Lodge playing field and replace it with a gate?
    This would make it much easier for those of us who live in Upper Wivenhoe to access the Wivenhoe trail with bikes and buggies, and for those who are unable to climb over a very high style. Having to cycle or walk to the Station makes the journey too long for some and they therefore miss out on using the Wivenhoe trail.

    16 Housing.
    Under the proposals for new housing could a “covenant” be put on any bungalows built so that they cannot be converted to two storey homes. We have “lost” so many bungalows in Wivenhoe. This can be seen with a walk along Heath road, Tower road and The Avenue
    Could the strip of land between The Avenue and Ernest road be turned into a parking area for the terraced houses on these roads? This would help relieve traffic congestion between this point and the Co Op.
    It would also help if a bus stop lay-by could be made at the junction with Rosabelle Avenue.

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