Vision and Objectives

Our Vision

Wivenhoe will continue to be a thriving and vibrant community which protects and enhances its distinctive character, rich heritage and natural assets such as the river and its rural setting and will grow to be an even better place in which to live and to visit.

Where the needs of Wivenhoe’s community can only be met by building new dwellings and community infrastructure it must be done sensitively, over time, by adding homes that will generally complement existing housing stock

This and any other essential building growth, must acknowledge the concerns of Wivenhoe residents about the ability of present infrastructure to cope as traffic and roads, medical and educational facilities, which must be a constraint on substantial development.


  1. Conserve and enhance Wivenhoe’s heritage assets and protect and improve positive features which contribute to the townscape
  2. Maintain Wivenhoe’s rural setting
  3. Preserve and improve access to green spaces, countryside and the river
  4. Ensure new residential development meets the needs of the local community
  5. Development will only be supported when it is proposed in conjunction with sustainable transport solutions
  6. Protect and improve existing community facilities and negotiate additional facilities in consequence of new development
  7. Ensure Wivenhoe’s infrastructure is adequate to meet the need of residents
  8. Protect and foster Wivenhoe’s natural environment for the benefit of people, flora and wildlife
  9. Create more employment opportunities for local people
  10. Foster a more engaged relationship with the University of Essex


these are only the headline objectives, for more details download the full document here

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