Document Register

This register contains all documents:

  • Considered during development of the neighbourhood plan
  • Received from interested parties as representation or comment
  • Produced during the development of the neighbourhood plan
  • Recording decisions made about the neighbourhood plan


They are listed according to the following Index.
Sub-items have their own link on the main Index pages.


  1. WNP Steering Group – Meeting agendas, minutes and papers

  2. Papers presented for decision at Wivenhoe Town Council

  3. Background documents

    1. Neighbourhood plan guidance and governing regulations
    2. Previous planning exercises and documents covering the WNP area
    3. Borough and County general planning documents
    4. Surveys and reports produced by other bodies containing relevant information
  4. Overall plan and timetable for development and production of the WNP

  5. Survey Findings

  6. Evidence gathered during the plan period

    1. Open day July 2013
    2. Survey carried out at the WivKids event July 2013, and Summary
    3. Commuter train survey August 2013 (raw data)
    4. Questionnaire December 2013 and report of results
    5. Business Breakfast summary of Consultation 20 February 2014
    6. Colne Community School survey report of results
    7. University of Essex Student survey report
    8. Correspondence/meeting notes concerning stakeholders (landowners, utilities, agencies etc)
    9. Correspondence received from residents
    10. Community consultation day (November 2014)
    11. Community consultation day (July 2015)
    12. Compliance reviews by CBC
    13. Examination of plan and proposed amendments by CBC
  7. Published Neighbourhood Plan

    1. For Community Consultation
    2. For examination by independent examiner (plus examiner’s report)
    3. For referendum
    4. Final adopted plan
  8. Referendum on the plan

    1. Referendum documents and process
    2. Results of referendum