Background Documents

1. Neighbourhood plan guidance and governing regulations

Government Green Belt Policy, HC Library Note March 2014

Environmental Protection Regulations 2004

Localism Act 2011

Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012

National Planning Policy framework

Example of a completed NP

Example of an independent inspector report

The Roadmap, a phased guide to neighbourhood planning produced by Locality, a network of community-led organisations with expertise in this area.

Preparing an Evidence base, guidance from the website of the Rural Community Council of Essex

2. Previous planning exercises and documents covering the WNP area

Wivenhoe Town Plan 2008

WTC notice of intention to pursue the creation of a neighbourhood plan, December 2012.
The notice was published on WTC’s old website.

WTC application to designate a neighbourhood plan area, 25 April 2013.

Map of Designated Neighbourhood area, approved by CBC in July 2013.

Extracts from Colchester Borough Council Local Development Framework where it affects Wivenhoe

Information on implications for WNP of Tendring District Council Local Plan.

WNP Steering Group response to Tendring District Council’s Issues & Options consultation which includes building 2,000 homes with CBC on the north side of the A133.  For the original consultation document click here

Wivenhoe Local List 2012

3. Borough and County general planning documents

Colchester Site Allocations DPD was adopted at Full Council on 13th October 2010. The policies/proposals in the Site Allocations DPD supersede the Local Plan policies and are now a material consideration and used in the determination of planning applications.

CBC Community Facilities Audit 2012

CBC Supplementary Planning Document Community Facilities 2013

Essex Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), 2008 plan still in force though expected to be abolished.

Essex Transport Strategy 2013

Transport for Colchester

Colchester Borough Council Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy

CBC development proposals map for Wivenhoe, with accompanying Key

CBC Backland and Infill SPD, adopted December 2010

CBC current current open space spreadsheet and Wivenhoe Open Spaces extract.

CBC Housing stock Wivenhoe March 2007

CBC Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2014

Colchester Report of the English Indices of Deprivation 2010.

National Planning Policy Framework 2012

ECC School places in Wivenhoe and accompanying map

Wivenhoe Quay ward profile 2011

Wivenhoe Cross ward profile 2011

Greater Essex Demographic Forecasts 2012-2027 (this is a link to an external document)

4. Surveys and reports produced by other bodies

Environment Agency planning guidance and documents

Wivenhoe Conservation Area Appraisal 2007, a Draft document as it was never formally adopted by CBC.

Village Voices, a companion document to the Wivenhoe Town Plan 2008, giving an insight into the views expressed by residents in answer to open-ended questions, in the survey for the Wivenhoe Town Plan 2008.

Wivenhoe Local List The attached document is the submission to the Local Development Framework Committee. The list is appended to the submission. The list was adopted by CBC 26 March 2012.

Building for Life 12 Design insights

English Heritage Understanding Place: Conservation Area Designation, Appraisal and Management.