Evidence gathered during the plan period

  1. Open day July 2013, and thoughts about Wivenhoe from Broomgrove Junior School pupils in a photo gallery
  2. Survey carried out at the WivKids event July 2013, and Summary
  3. Commuter train survey August 2013 (raw data)
  4. Questionnaire December 2013
  5. Full Report based on responses to the December Questionnaire
    A First Draft of the Full report is now available to download as a pdf , 64 pages with all charts and data tables. (file size approx 3.5Mb).
  6. Business Breakfast summary of Consultation 20 February 2014
  7. Colne Community School survey analysis of results
  8. University of Essex Student survey report
  9. Correspondence/meeting notes concerning stakeholders (landowners, utilities, agencies etc)
  10. Correspondence received from residents
  11. Community consultation day November 2014 report and Written Comments Appendix
  12. Community Consultation day July 2015 July 2015 consultation report
  13. Compliance reviews by CBC
  14. Examination of plan and proposed amendments by CBC