Survey Findings

In the 2013 SURVEY of all households in Wivenhoe we asked a number of questions on a variety of topics (the blue links below).
The eight categories corresponded with eight working groups whose work on this part of the Plan has now finished.
This page will remain available to residents wishing to look at the survey data.

INTRODUCTION: What is Wivenhoe like as a place to live?

1. Residential Development and Land Use

including: Housing generally, Green Areas within Development, Types of Building, Locations, Ownership/Renting Options.

2. Traffic and Transport

including: Roads, Parking, Bus, Train, Cycling on highways.

3. Economic Development and Business

including: Retail outlets, Business premises and sites, Needs of self-employed, Homeworkers, Employment opportunities.

4. Community Facilities

including: Sports and Leisure activities, Allotments, Cemeteries, Playing fields, Health Centre, Schools and

adult Education.

5. Infrastructure, Energy and Recycling

including: Utilities in general, e.g. Communications, Power Supply, Water, Waste Disposal, Alternative Energy.

6. University

including: Employment, Community Engagement and Facilities, Expansion Plans.

7. Countryside and Environment

including: Biodiversity, Different uses of outdoor green spaces and water for leisure, Maintenance and Preservation of green areas.

8. Heritage and Townscape

including: History, Development, Character, Conservation and Preservation needs.

Clicking on any of the numbered topics above will take you to an excerpt of the Survey Digest corresponding with the topic’s subject.