Sustainable Energy



In response to a request for comments about recycling, there were 75 spontaneous praising the current recycling service. 62 think it ‘good’ and 13 ‘excellent’. However, 21 think it has become too complicated. Requests were made to collect tetrapak by 14, small electrical items by 12, and batteries/light bulbs by 8 people.
There were 80 comments about the community facilities; 30 people felt a nearer recycling centre is called for on the east side of Colchester as Shrub End and Tendring are too far away; 11 people called for the re-opening of Martins Farm at St. Osyth; 16 wanted more dates for skips/rubbish freighter visits; 15 thought there should be an array of small recycling banks at The Cross and 14 wanted a regular ‘door to dump’ collection service for metal/wood and large items.

Mobile Phone Providers

Mobile phone coverage is an issue in Wivenhoe. 427 respondents said they had experienced problems with phone coverage, of these: 190 people (44%), said that they had poor reception in Lower Wivenhoe below the railway, including the quayside. 61 (14%) said they had problems in central Wivenhoe around the Co-op and as far down as the Library. 32 (7%) said they experienced problems in all of Wivenhoe, the rest giving answers such as ‘in my house’. However 389 people (52% of those who answered the question) did not want a phone mast built.

Different providers were viewed as offering different quality of reception: O2 seemed to offer the best coverage and unsurprisingly is the most popular in the town.