Documents and elements of the Plan to date

There are various documents that will become part of the plan, or inform the plan. If these are not from other bodies, and/or do not constitute feedback or evidence, they will be placed here.

Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Objectives

This is the full Vision and Objectives statement. It will eventually form a central part of the WNP.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

Carrying out an SEA scoping is a compulsory part of making a Neighbourhood Plan. It doesn’t form part of the actual plan document but sits alongside it to show that full thought has been given to the potential environmental impact of any sort of development in the area. The scoping report was put together by the Land Use and Zoning working group, with support from planning consultants. We have  consulted with statutory and local stakeholders as to whether it covers everything it needs to.

Strategic Environmental Assessment report
The full SEA report was written in August 2016. It was prepared by Dr Jonathan Crane of Place Services, Essex County Council, on an independent contractual basis with the WNP Steering Group.
Restructuring of some policies and the addition of a Mitigation policy to the draft plan required an Addendum to this SEA report.

Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening report
Under European law, a Habitat Regulations Assessment report may have to be part of a neighbourhood plan.
A screening exercise was carried out by the steering group. The conclusion was that a full Habitat Regulation Assessment was not required.

Consultation statement and Basic Conditions statement
These are required as part of the submission of the NP to the local planning authority and before the Plan can proceed to examination. The Basic Conditions updated statement Nov17 replaced the first mentioned document.