Monkey business

Any Wivenhoe residents who couldn’t come to the Open Day on 6 July can now take part in an on-line SurveyMonkey questionnaire that replicates the Open Day opportunity.

On 6 July we asked people to write comments on post-it notes and stick them under various category headings. This on-line survey is a bit like that.

There are two required answers, the rest are optional to allow for the fact that not everyone will have an opinion on all topics, so you can still move forward even if you leave a question unanswered. But yes, we’d rather have your considered comment instead of a skip…
Please DON’T take the Survey if you came to the William Loveless hall- in that case your comments have already been included in the collation.
This survey is part of the general consultation exercise which is only the first step in community engagement. Further and more focused consultations will take place throughout the formation of the Plan.

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