Cod tails

What’s the connection between Essex students, the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire, and fish?
The answer is: Henleys of Wivenhoe – which still doesn’t explain much so let me….

Wivenhoe is busy preparing a Plan to decide how the town should develop in the next 15 years.
It’s a new thing, recently made possible by a change in the law.
All residents get a say, and a special Questionnaire has been designed for the students who live on Essex University campus– because the Uni is part of the Wivenhoe Cross ward.
It will be available to fill in on line and you’ll hear more about it soon.

The fishy bit is this: our local (and nationally famous!!) Fish and Chips shop at Vine Parade is giving PRIZES to students for taking part in this.
Not all of them — (Behave!)—- but by random draw from the completed questionnaires.

Not One, — not Two, — Not THREE —- but FOUR chances to win a voucher, entitling the winner to a Fish & Chips Dinner for Two.

Not bad, for ticking some boxes . . . keep an eye out for more info about this later this month.

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