The Steering Group is recruiting people for the next step in the process. Ruth writes:

Spec for Analysis working group:

A group (5 or 6 people) is needed to work on the analysis of the survey results on a short term basis from mid Jan to end March 2014.
Their role will be to discuss WHAT information is needed as a priority, and what comparisons/cross tabulations will be useful.

Who should get involved?
-People who are interested in understanding what the answers mean – how other people feel about things.
-You DON’T need to be able to do numbers or statistics – though you’d be welcome if you do.
-It is more about bringing a bit of intelligence to the mass of data that will be produced, and thinking about how best to present it to the rest of the group, and the town as a whole.

I suggest we have weekly meetings, from about w/c 20th January to mid-end March.
Want to join or might be interested? – for further information contact me.

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