Planning workshop

On Thursday 25 September Rachel Hogger and Stella Scrivener of the RTPI/Planning Aid England came to Wivenhoe to hold a workshop with steering group and working group members.
The aim of the exercise was to help the group to define a Vision for the neighbourhood area, and to make progress towards identifying a series of Objectives to deliver that Vision.

All sounds terribly management speak but it turned out to be a really useful exercise.
If you don’t know where you’re going, you cannot figure out the steps to get there. Yes, we know we want to get to a neighbourhood plan for Wivenhoe but the plan consists of policies, and it’s those policies that will follow from the above.

Stella gave the introductory presentation and I think everyone’s heart lifted when she told us that we’re HALF WAY THERE!


We’re at Step 17 of the 40 Stella mentioned and by Step 28 it will all be out of our hands, and over to the Local Planning Authority and the Inspector.
Here are a few more pictures of the day which finished with work in break-out groups. There probably were a few sore brains from all that storming but it felt as if a good deal of progress had been achieved.

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