Plan Summary and full Draft for February 2016 consultation

The whole draft plan runs to over 100 pages and we understand it’s a lot to plough through so we produced a Summary for a quick(ish!) overview.

The full Draft can be found here.
This consultation is being held in case feedback makes major changes necessary so do let us have your views before 14 March, either by using the Feedback buttons on this website or emailing them to

One comment on “Plan Summary and full Draft for February 2016 consultation

  1. Hi,
    I believe that the provision needs to be made to expand the existing King George carpark to make way for the future growth of the shops in the town. With the increase in houses, we need more parking.

    The KG children play area is grossly outdated and needs to be brought in line with parks such as Old Rec (Wimpole Rd), Highroads Park and Castle Park..

    102 The Avenue

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